34 years old

No periods since D&C for missed miscarriage December 2023

Cyclical pain every 4 weeks or so like period pain

Missed miscarriage diagnosed at EPU  9 weeks 6 days.  

Earlier scan at 7 weeks OK.  FH seen

D&C December 2023.   Spotting for 3 weeks afterwards.  Since then no bleeding

Previous pregnancies

2006 surgical TOP 10 weeks.  OCP – regular periods. Stopped OCP 2015. Periods regular and conceived after 3 months

2016 Normal delivery. Infection after delivery. Treated with antibiotics 1 week. Breast fed for 18 months. Periods returned after 14 months

2021 Laparoscopy for delay in conceiving. Blocked Fallopian tubes.

2022 IVF. 5 embryos on day 5. 1 x fresh embryo transfer. NP

2022 January Frozen embryo transfer NP

2022 August Frozen embryo transfer. Pregnant but miscarriage diagnosed in November